Who is My Mahram?

The muslim woman should be protected by the men in her life, they are her personal bodyguards. But these body guards, are not conscripted soldiers, nor have they undergone interviews and training, and thus are hired for the job. No, rather they have been appointed by Allah and assigned this great responsibility. They have been granted this immense blessing of having the women, they call wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters to be able to earn rewards through them.

All this talk begs the question; who is my mahram? What makes this person a mahram and excludes this other one?

The first condition goes without saying, but we will mention it, so that no doubt is left in the mind of the reader. That is that the ‘mahram’ be a male.
That he be an There are various signs of adulthood recognised in Islam. They are pubic hair, wet dreams or attaining 15 years of age. Some scholars have allowed that he be a boy, who has reached the age of discernment or is close to puberty. However, the more cautious of the two opinions is that he has reached adulthood.
Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) was asked:

When does the child become a mahram for his mother? Is it when he reaches puberty or when he reaches the age of discernment?

He replied: The boy becomes a mahram when he becomes an adult of sound mind. The one who has not yet reached adulthood is not a mahram, and the one in whose mind there is any unsoundness is not a mahram.

End quote from Liqaa’aat al-Baab al-Maftoohah, 123/20)

That he is permanently haram for you to marry, or is your husband. A woman’s mahram is anyone whom she is permanently forbidden to marry, because of blood ties and this includes your father, grandfather and upwards. Your sons, grandsons and downwards and your brothers, your nephews, your maternal and paternal uncles, or relatives through breastfeeding (foster siblings etc… and these are the same as blood ties) or ties through marriage, such as her father-in-law, or her husband’s sons.

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